Mickey Wiggins plant careAs we’ve been reporting to our readers, new routines are in place as the Spring 2021 market opens at Rudy’s Happy Patch. No matter how many changes we make in customer service, plants must be monitored and maintained to ensure adequate water and light in the five campus greenhouses.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “As our inventory increases this year, we want to be sure that all of our plants are maintained for the best presentation to customers. Sure, we are all about proper watering and fertilizing, but we want to be sure that our plants look fresh and healthy as the grow. This takes special attention to each plant tray.”


If Stuart sounds like an expert, he comes by it naturally. Most readers have heard the story of the greenhouse his parents, Tom and Mary, built in their Buena Vista backyard. It was both a retail space and a growing site for plants that were transferred to their downtown service station for sale.


“I really did learn much from my mom and dad about plants,” Stuart confirms. “I want to continue this legacy of love at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.”


In the photo above, Mickey Wiggins pays special attention to the removal of spent blooms on plants in one of the north market greenhouses.

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