Colton Folds donationWatch out, Kaylon Holt! You’ve got some competition.

Longtime readers know that Kaylon Holt has delivered over 1,000,000 collected or donated pop tops to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, GA. Young Colten Folds of Mauk, Georgia, has learned of the value of such collections. Three years ago, at the age of four, he began what appears to have become the largest one-time donation by a single collector in this region-wide project.

Colten is the grandson of Michael and Brenda Scott, who helped educate him about the value of collecting aluminum cans and pop tops. “We tried to tell him that his collection helped clean our environment and helped families at Ronald McDonald House and the West Georgia area,” they explained. “After some research on his own, his collection became more involved. We learned of (Marion County store owner) John Dent’s involvement, and we brought almost a five-gallon bucket here today.” Dent’s store serves as one of the primary drop sites for donations.

Colton also learned more about the donation project from Mulkey McMichael, a Marion County resident and Perry Wellness Center employee, who has served as staff project coordinator for the donation campaign.

Apparently, Colten’s family and community guidance stuck with him. Now he is giving PWC peer Kaylon Holt a run for his –-- er, pop tops.

In the photo above, Michael Scott and Colten Folds sit in the cargo opening of Scott’s truck, as they proudly show the collected pop tops.

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