Overdose discussion 1Wednesday’s mid-week peer group discussions always provide current information for staff and peers. Unfortunately, this week’s topic, drug overdoses, was very timely and relevant. With the increase in potentially dangerous prescription and street drugs, it has never been more important to know the signs of an overdose, as well as the appropriate response to such a situation.

Vancouver Coastal Health, a Canadian behavioral health program, has produced a helpful infographic to educate the general public, “How to Recognize a Drug Overdose and What to Do.” At Wednesday’s discussion groups, the information sheet was shared and discussed with peers and staff.

Signs of a drug overdose include:

    • Slowed breathing;
    • Unresponsive; e.g., can’t be woken up;
    • Discoloration of lips, nails;
    • Choking, coughing, gurgling noises;
    • Cold or clammy skin;
    • Dizziness;
    • Disorientation;
    • Extremely small eye pupils.

Overdose Discussion 2Individuals who believe that someone may be experiencing an overdose should call 911 immediately and wait with the affected person until professional help arrives.

Groups were held in two classes in the new classroom buildings. They were led by Allison Goolsby, center, in first photo above, with assistance by peer Rhonda Hubbard, standing, and Evan Brown, right in green tee shirt, in second photo. Our thanks to these individuals for providing important information and guidance on a topic no one wants to discuss but that everyone needs to.

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