Americus Native Returns Home

Shawn BradyAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, the conversions with and among customers are an enjoyable part of the daily experience. Staff enjoy catching up with returning customers, and shoppers chat in the aisles as they search for the perfect produce or plants. We like to think of Happy Patch as a Perry Wellness Center’s own town square.

Recently, Kelly Jansen, staff director for the market, had the opportunity to talk with visitor Shawn Brady. This Americus resident has recently returned to Sumter County after years away. He explained to Kelly why he had stopped by the market.

“My wife and I moved back to Americus from California,” Brady explained. “She is a landscape designer and wants to plant fruit trees. I noticed you all had many varieties to offer. I am here to more closely view your inventory and buy some trees.” 

Brady went on to share information he had learned in his search for fruit trees: “It seems that the pandemic has caused a shortage of plants and trees in South Georgia this year, but you and your suppliers have a great variety. I am glad I found you and will return to get some more trees.”

The customer than shared with Kelly some of his adventures while away from Americus. Brady has long worked in media and public relations. “While in California, I had the opportunity to work with leaders in network news journalism,” he noted. “Dan Rather was a good friend, and he and I worked closely on several projects. My contact with Rather led me to meet many other California media leaders. It was a fun time to be in news journalism.”

Although he enjoyed his time on the west coast, Brady concluded,” I am happy to be back in Americus and a calmer way of life.”

Welcome back to Americus! 

In the photo above, Kelly Jansen, left, enjoys his conversation with Shawn Brady as they complete an order of fruit trees at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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