Giant green cypress plantsEarlier this week, we told you about our record-setting day with the mobile market in downtown Buena Vista. In addition to having a great sales day, Director of Plant Market Operations Kelly Jansen noted customer buying trends and came up with ideas for additional inventory.


One plant that sold quickly was the giant green cypress. A Marion County customer, Marnie Sanders, bought the final four plants the mobile market had on hand, but needed 11 more plants. Kelly assured him that he would track down a source for the popular tree. 


Long story short: 11 trees were found, and they are scheduled for delivery by Perry Wellness associate Mulkey McMichael.


“I do appreciate you working with me,” Sanders said. “I have a special property security project at my home above Tazewell. I planted some and need 11 more to finish the project. Mulkey called me and said he would deliver them next week.”


Noting the recent popularity of the cypress, Kelly is thinking the evergreen might be a great plant to offer throughout the year. “The popularity of the snowball tree has been incredible,” he said. “It may be good to add another popular plant to our program.”


In the photo above, Kelly Jansen stands with the latest shipment of giant green cypress trees to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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