Springtime Ellaville 1Last weekend, the mobile market arrived at Springtime Ellaville! For a day of sales, food, entertainment, and events. Crowds from Schley County and many adjoining counties arrived to enjoy the beautiful spring day. After opening and unloading the box truck and signature red wagon from Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, market manager Kelly Jansen gave his impression: “I do not know the history of this event, but today the streets of downtown Ellaville were filled with customers and family members with kids. I guess with the growing number of those who have received the vaccine and with fear of the virus seeming to be less, a record number of excited people came out.”

Springtime Ellaville 2Approximately two years ago, the mobile market first travelled to Ellaville for a day of plant selling and information sharing. Friendships were struck from that day, and Kelly plans to continue to tradition. For the next visit, he has already requested the three downtown spaces that the box truck and red wagon enjoyed last weekend.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry was also pleased with the visit. “This was a great experience for us,” he said. “We want to remind people who we are and where we are. The representatives that represented us at Springtime Ellaville! were the right ones to send. It was a good day for sales, but more importantly, they discovered how many people already knew who we were.”

Spinrgtim Ellaville 3We hope our readers enjoys a few photos from last weekend’s lively event in downtown Ellaville, Georgia!

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