Pink BathtubLocal artist and Perry Wellness Center staffer Jeff Williams is known for thinking “outside the box” when it comes to creative displays. Often using found objects, Jeff is able to create a unique design and provide campus and market displays that are both colorful and functional.

One example is the repurposing of antique bathtubs for unexpected flower displays. Several clawfoot tubs are tucked into the campus gardens, providing whimsical touches that catch the eye.

Red BathtubPWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry is one fan of the creations, saying, “Jeff can find a use for everything, new or discarded. These old iron-footed tubs are not appreciated by younger homemakers. But they were a status symbol years ago. I remember a ‘tub bath’ to get clean for my next school day.” With a smile, he added, “I soon moved up to showers, to save money and water.”

As for Jeff, his goals are to catch the eye, serve a purpose, and bring a smile. “What a complete ‘feel good’ display,” he says about bathtub planters. “We can enjoy the beauty of flowers on display in a spot of comfort and relaxation.”

In the photos, two of Jeff Williams’ antique bathtubs provide color and display space along some of the market walkways.

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