Latest pop top donationsThe pop top collection by Perry Wellness Center peer Kaylon Holt continues! After more than two years of donations from several counties, word of mouth continues to spread information and increase donations. In Marion County, Dent Hardware has become the primary collection site for the Buena Vista area. John Dent reports that approximately 34,000 pop tops were delivered to his store this week. They were brought by Buena Vista resident Terry Guy.

Gay reported how he obtained such a large number, saying, “I told my brother at Race Track (convenience store) in Columbus about the collection, and he lets me deliver his pop tops to John Dent.”

As for Dent, he remains enthusiastic in his support of the project, which benefits families of seriously ill children through Ronald McDonald House in Columbus. He notes, “Customers who shop and bring pop tops are special. We enjoy collecting them for Perry Wellness Center and like that Kaylon Holt writes those who bring in tops, if we think to get their address. We are busy, but we enjoy taking time to help Kaylon collect more pop tops.”

With donations now approaching 2.7 million collected pop tops, plans call for another delivery to Columbus in the near future. For PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry, Kaylon’s project is the gift that keeps on giving in the community.

“This has been a good project for Kaylon and for Perry Wellness Center,” he says. “I cannot think of another, more positive project. It is good to be associated with Kaylon and Ronald McDonald House.”

In the photo above, Kaylon Holt reviews the latest donations to his pop top collection project. His shout-out to John Dent: “I thank Mr. Dent for collecting tops for me for several years.”

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