Calla Lilies PlantingIn his display and garden design work at Perry Wellness Center, artist Jeff Williams put his visual training and site planning experience to work. Before planting any groupings of flowers and other plants, he considers both the colors and textures to be used, as well as the backgrounds.


“It is not always possible to get the right plant color and variety in some of these flower beds,” Jeff explains. “When asked, I discuss with other staff members or peers about plant selection and background color,”


Jeff provides an example, pointing to a planting at the west end of the parking lot: “The vivid colors of orange and yellow variegated cannas demand a special placement space. I try to view the background of the plants before we choose a proper plant. I think that these cannas have thrived and sold other canna lilies for us.”


Certainly, the bright colors and graceful shapes catch the eye of market customers and other visitors to the PWC campus and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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