Kaylon RunningPerry Wellness Center peer Kaylon Holt is probably most well-known for spearheading a major pop top donation drive. To date, he has turned in collections of almost two million aluminum soda can tabs to Ronald McDonald House in Columbus. Funds from redeemed pop tops are used to benefit families of seriously ill children throughout the region.

But during his association with Perry Wellness Center, Kaylon has developed other skills. For example, he is now an avid runner and enjoys entering competitions. In 2011, Kaylon first entered the Plains Fun Run and finished in first place. At Sumter Cycling’s recent Sweet Corn Ride, he participated in the event’s fun run and did quite well.

“I think there were about 129 registered runners,” Kaylon recalled, “And I came in third in the competition. That was a fun run, and I was happy to finish in the top five.” He adds that he enjoys running and that it has been good for him to meet other runners. 

So far, Kaylon has not combined his love of running with his major collection project. He explains, “At these running events, I should, but don’t ask people to save pop tops for Ronald McDonald House. I guess runners do not drink sodas or have time to save the pop tops.” Knowing Kaylon, he will find a way!

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