Plant DefendersThe gardens of Perry Wellness Center produce a large variety of blooming plants and vegetables during the spring and summer seasons. But some plants remain year-round, as permanent parts of the landscape.


One example is the agave or century plants found on the campus grounds. Native to hot climates, each plant is covered with large, thorny leaves. This cactus plant is most noted for its use in the production of tequila. However, no alcoholic beverages are consumed in the enjoyment of these plants at PWC!


Stuart Perry explains why he appreciates this plant: “We are proud of our century plants. They are located throughout our campus and serve as a reminder of the diversity of our plant inventory. They produce offshoots that we can dig up and sell to customers.” Stuart asks market personnel to warn customers about the dangerous thorns on the large plants, which can protect entrances and other areas from unwanted wandering.


In the photo above, an agave cactus or century plant guards a corner of the Perry Wellness Center parking lot.

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