Graphic Wall MuralA few months ago, Perry Wellness Center shared with its readers the latest accomplishment of employee and artist Jeff Williams. With his creation of a huge butterfly mural on the side of local coffee shop, Café Campesino, Jeff created a striking focal point for downtown Americus.


Now, Jeff and collaborating members of the Americus-Sumter Arts Council have led in the creation of another large wall mural in downtown mural. This time, the mural graces the side of the Americus Center for the Arts building. It is also a true community mural, as local residents and families were invited to participate in painting the abstract mural, as pictured above.


Jeff laid out the grids for the mural he had designed, and the project sprang into action. It kicked off on April 2, during First Friday activities in Americus, and extended over several days, as people came to grab a paint brush, claim their space, and color it in a favorite color.


“We wanted to provide a wall space and have all who wished to come and paint their own ‘personal’ space,” Jeff explains.


Child Paints MuralOver the course of several days, over 70 feet of wall space were painted, with participants as young as three, along with many older adults. The finished product, with its varying shapes and colors, is designed to represent the diversity of Americus and Sumter County. Certainly, the mural creation process demonstrates the spirit of cooperation that is found here.


In the photo, left, Blair Perry, daughter of Stephen and Anva Perry, paints her selected wall graphic.

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