Monarchs and LanantaIn the gardens of Perry Wellness Center, two of the most colorful demonstrations of Mother Nature’s love of beauty are enjoying the summer. They are the majestic monarch butterfly and the lantana plant.

The two natural wonders are quite a pair, as monarchs love to feed from lantana blossoms. As a late blooming plant, the lantana can nourish these butterflies later in the year during their migration. No butterfly flower garden is complete without a few lantana flowers. Added bonus: they also attract hummingbirds.

Five colors of lantanas are found in the campus gardens, as well as for sale at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. The warmer weather also has monarch butterflies in flight throughout the gardens.

For readers working on home butterfly gardens, the lantana is usually bought as an already growing plant. With proper fertilization and watering, the plants will soon fill any flower bed with color.

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