Summer WonderlandDespite the five greenhouses on the campus of Perry Wellness Center, flowers and other plants fill the grounds, in planted and potted displays. During the spring and summer seasons, these colorful groupings demonstrate both the joys of Mother Nature and the value of visual marketing.

Market and gardening staff at PWC and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market enjoy coming up with new ideas for display, as market manager Kelly Jansen and staff member Sandra Wiggins recently explained.

“We try to group color and plant likeness in our parking lots and open areas. I supposed our plant grouping ideas throughout the campus are our ‘upselling’ of additional plants,” Kelly said. The photo above demonstrates how these clean groupings create unified “pops” of color throughout this summer wonderland.

However, mixed plant groupings also excite the eye. Pictured below, a newly planted bed Multi Flower Displayof variegated petunias, marigolds, purple salvia, and various greenery fills a corner near the north entrance to the market.

Sandra explained, “All of us learn – both staff and peers—when we select and display plants available at Happy Patch. Spring and summer colors are exciting to show and seem to spark ideas and increase sales!” 

Whether unified or varied, the eye-catching floral displays capture the attention of everyone who passes or enters the campus.

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