Faucet Drip 2At Perry Wellness Center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, staff and peers are aware of the need for water conservation. Using water responsibly is good for both the environment and the financial bottom line.

The PWC campus requires regular watering to maintain health plantings and market plants. Even the possible drip of a water connection to supply faucets is monitored frequently. This very problem was recently discovered in a market greenhouse by a peer, who reported it to a staff member. The solution to the small leak became a “teachable moment” for peers, with the assistance of staff member Kelly Jansen.

“We filled a pot with some young plant cuttings and placed it under the dripping faucet,” Kelly explains. “We have enjoyed watching them grow and become larger plants.”

Turning a liability into an asset is one way to tackle daily life problems. The thriving coleus and spider plant cuttings pictured above are living proof.

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