Backyard Snowball PlantAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, staff love hearing back from customers who have made previous purchases. It is always enjoyable to share plant growing stories! 

Recently, a customer from Marion County shared an update on a snowball plant she had purchased at the Mobile Market in downtown Buena Vista a few years ago. After she spoke to fellow Marion County resident and Perry Wellness Center staff member Mulkey McMichael about her plant, he traveled to her home in north Marion County to see for himself and take a photo.

“I also like plants,” Mulkey explains, “And when a plant performs well, we are eager to boast of the plant’s success in our garden.”

The snowball plant, pictured above, more than lived up to expectations. It was planted in the perfect spot, and almost sparkled in its white splendor in the sunlight.

P.S. Snowball plants remain in stock at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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