Sprinkler SystemAs July fades into August, the vast gardens on the campus of Perry Wellness Center demand frequent watering. Many staff members participate in daily watering to supplement the sprinkler systems, armed with handheld garden hoses. Watering schedules and the appearance of plants are closely monitored by leadership staff.


Jeff Williams has the watering system well thought it. He explains, “I have tried to locate an ample water supply at every corner of the garden locations around the market. We have so much hose to supply water to longer plantings. I have also put sprinklers, some on timers, to provide better saturation on those plants requiring more water.”


He continues, “I think our best designs are in our fern display areas. We have water lines with rubber drop-down nozzles and misters for these plants. It has been a learning experience for me and other garden staff members.”


Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry wants plants at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to be in the best shape possible, regardless of the weather. He says, “We want our plants to be healthy as they leave us, and our customers to leave with a smile.”


In the photo above, one of several garden sprinklers provides a welcoming shower to some thirsty plants.

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