Empty Parking LotThe photo posted here is one that is seldom seen at Perry Wellness Center: an almost empty south parking lot. It is used as a display area for the wide variety of seasonal plants available at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Normally boasting a multitude of plant species and colors, the parking lot looks almost forlorn now.


It’s been a busy summer season at the market, and staff have moved the remaining plants to prepare them for the next change of season and cleaned the parking lot. While PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry understands the reasons, looking at an empty display area is not to his liking.


“With the increase in customer visits and purchases, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market has had another good year,” Stuart notes. “Our market and garden staff have done a great job with inventory movement and placement. The normally full area on the southern edge of the campus appears empty. This is a good thing as we ready our products and the market for some cooler weather, I hope.”


We’re all looking forward to cooler weather and a market filled with fall inventory.

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