Corn Hole GameIt wouldn’t be Game Day at Perry Wellness Center without rounds of the corn hole tossing game. Staff nurse Charlene Hayes was involved in planning and setting up the activities for the day and decided to try her hand at the competition. 


After boards were mounted and placed for corn hole, peers gathered around the tilted boards to participate in competitive games. At the rear of the line, Miss Charlene gathered up her tossing bags and finally stepped up to the boundary line to try her luck.


The above photo tells the story of her success – or lack thereof! Along with several other competitors, Miss Charlene failed to get a winning round, although peers provided vocal support.


“I guess I need to stick with corn hole game construction!” she said with a smile. “I tossed several and did not ring the hole a single time.”


The popular game is likely to take a regular place on campus. We are waiting for “Coach” Stuart Perry to be challenged to a friendly game of corn hold bag toss.

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