Lunch DiscussionThere may be a full schedule of activities at Perry Wellness Center each day – from group discussions to recreation, gardening, and sports, but we have a sneaking suspicion that everyone’s most eagerly activity is lunchtime.

At 11:35 this past Monday morning, we found peers assembling as usual in the portico of the new classroom building, as they waited for the “lunch!” announcement to sound. Peers have learned to not only follow mask guidelines, but to carry on conversation understandably while wearing this protection. So they were masked up as they prepared to enter the building and enjoying the more seasonable temperature and some conversation.

Peer leader Rhonda H. offered her thoughts on lunchtime, saying, “We like the meals at Perry Wellness Center. Lunch is also a special time to visit with different friends around the table in the cafeteria.”

Nearby peers were overheard discussing a variety of subjects while they waited, including their plans for the fall season. Rhonda volunteered that her goal was to attend the Perry Fair. A few peers were even heard discussing plans for dinner.

One meal at a time, everyone!

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