New market associateAt Perry Wellness Center, the success of peers is a source of happiness and pride to the whole PWC family. Take longtime peer Nakia Rhone as an example. She has now become an associate at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. She greets customers with a smile, offers them assistance, and generally helps out around the market. 


It’s great that Nakia is such a dedicated worker, but we also admire how she uses her “down” time productively. When not assisting market customers, she can often be found using either her cell phone or printed information to better her learning or work on projects. Nakia has even created some designer bedding coverlets and blankets!


“I do not like to sit quietly and do nothing,” the nine-year peer veteran says. “I like the market, as I enjoy meeting and talking with customers. Perry Wellness Center has offered me some great opportunities.”


In the photo above, Nakia Rhone’s cheerful smile emerges when she removes her mask to pose for the camera. 

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