Perry Fair 1The long-anticipated day to attend the Georgia National Fair arrived with perfect weather and vanloads of excited Perry Wellness Center peers and staff. Some looked forward most to the variety of rides, while others hoped to learn from the wide array of exhibits on display. 

Staff member Kelly Jansen had worked for several days to coordinate the visit and address all the last-minute details that must be handled for an off-campus event. When the morning arrived, the three vans had been checked and filled with gas. Peers had their money in a safe place, and the itinerary was finalized.

Perry Fair 2Upon arrival in Perry, Georgia, the PWC vans were directed to the east gate of the sprawling fair, where they were allowed to park in the bus area parking. This courtesy allowed a closer walk to the entrance gate. As peers exited the vans and entered the gate, they received warm greetings, along with date stamps and payment wrist bands. The excitement quickly grew as they moved onto the fairgrounds. Peers were encouraged to walk with other peers and routinely contact Kelly, who was serving as trip coordinator.

"I love a fair, and this one is big,” said longtime peer Rhonda Hubbard. “I want to see everything and visit the crafts building to learn more about creative projects.” Other peers headed immediately to fairground rides or visited other exhibits.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry was pleased with the fair and peers’ preparedness. He noted, “The weather was perfect. The peers had already participated in a group discussion about what to see and do at the fair. We were ready to enjoy the fair and have fun!”

That mission was certainly accomplished. Check out some of the photos from this day of fun and learning at Perry’s Georgia National Fair.

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