Slaton PuzzleFor most people, expressions of creativity provide valuable stress relief. Visual creativity also promotes attention to detail, eye-hand coordination, and patience. Peers at Perry Wellness Center are regularly encouraged to explore their creative side through various activities and projects.

Over the years, we’ve shared many of the activities of longtime peer Laurie Slaton, who is known for her weavings and needlework. For some time, she has also enjoyed completing large and colorful jigsaw puzzles, and we shared a work in progress recently.

Her latest accomplishment is the completion of an 18” x 24” landscape puzzle, perfect for the fall season. Many of Laurie’s previous puzzles have been framed and shared as gifts to mental health advocates visiting the campus, while others hang on center walls.

“I am proud of self-motivated and creative peers,” says PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “Laurie has always been self-motivated to challenge herself. She had done some large puzzles in record time.” She also holds the PWC record for most puzzles completed.

In the photo above, Laurie Slaton proudly shares her most recently completed puzzle.

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