Mullins Pressure WashFor a wellness and recovery program, the condition of the physical environment reflects upon the degree of commitment to positive living by both peers and staff. As Perry Wellness Center continues to grow and receive public recognition, the focus upon a clean and healthy environment is more important than ever. 

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “We are growing larger at Perry Wellness Center. We also recently received our third state recognition for outstanding mental health achievements. These facts are making us realize the need to maintain our building and grounds, not only for the Perry Wellness Center family, but for possible visits by interested mental health associates and advocates. I have made the call for increased personal ownership of our center.”

Peer Kelvin Mullins, pictured above, is one individual who has heeded the call. He says, “I keep the grass cut and the floors at Happy Patch Market looking good. The pressure washer can clean a large area with little stress or time.” Kelvin demonstrates by cleaning exterior surfaces and edges at the new classroom building. Thanks, Kelvin!

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