The Gifts of AutumnAs November comes to a close and the Christmas season is full upon us, we begin our goodbyes to a favorite season for many of us – autumn. Fall is often bittersweet, as the days get shorter and our gardens lose their summer bounty. College sports and pumpkins may be the two greatest gifts of autumn, but for individuals with mental health difficulties, bittersweet feelings can move into true depression when the night falls earlier each evening, cold weather moves in, and the holiday bustle threatens to overwhelm.

At Perry Wellness Center, peers support peers, and the entire Perry Wellness Center family supports the center, its members, and the community that embraces us. We remind everyone that the support of friends and family is needed all year. Sometimes that support can be just a kind word or smile – two free Christmas gifts we all need more than socks!

The photo collage above, created by a PWC extended family member, reminds us of the gifts of the waning year, as trees flame orange, music fills the air, and – if you look closely – pumpkins wait to be transformed into pies. The leaves may fall away, but December brings its own sights and songs, including the reminder of a star over Bethlehem.

Best wishes to all for a special Christmas season. Stay warm, stay safe, and stay open to the magic of the holidays.

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