Collard Cutting
Customer service continues to be our biggest selling point at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market – well, except for the fresh produce and plants we offer seasonally.

“We listen to customers at Happy Patch,” says market staff member Caitlyn Tanner. She has learned that customer requests may require her to learn new skills. A learning experience for her can, in turn, lead to a successful visit for a customer. 

“I love cabbage, but I do not like collards,” Caitlyn continues. “But I am now cutting collards for a repeat customer at Happy Patch.”

As shown in the above photo, Caitlyn has learned to carefully roll several collard leaves before cutting them for best cooking.

“I am learning much about vegetables, recipes, and food preparation when I talk and listen to some of our customers,” Caitlyn concludes.

That’s what we call a win/win situation! Listening, learning, and sharing makes for a positive service experience for both customers and staff.

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