AcronymsSay “PWC” to any of the peers, staff, or supporters of Perry Wellness Center, and they will immediately know that the abbreviation refers to our recovery center’s name. While we are proud to say our name – after all, we once again were named the Top Mental Health Provider in Georgia this year, sometimes we are too busy to say (or write) the full name.

By the way, “PWC” is a type of abbreviation called an acronym, and refers to a term formed by using the first letters of a longer name or title. Much like the use of emojis, an over-reliance on acronyms can impact understanding, particularly with younger individuals or those for whom English is not their first language. So it is recommended to first say or write out the full name before using the acronym. Just like the peers pictured in the Monday morning learning group pictured above, consider yourself schooled! 

One small favor: If you have ever referred a friend or family member to our center, please share our name with others. If you have ever bought farm-fresh tomatoes, a fragrant Christmas tree, or juicy watermelon at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, share our name. If you believe that mental health problems are treatable and that individuals with mental illness or addictive diseases should not be stigmatized in our communities, share our name!

However you say it or spell it, Perry Wellness Center is a proud partner in our community, offering education and support to individuals, families, and organizations throughout Southwest Georgia. Or SW Ga, if you prefer!

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