Minich with GeraniumsDuring any February, selling plants can be an “iffy” proposition. At Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, staff member and plant identification authority Jamie Minich is trying to balance protection of delicate plants with making them available for customers.

There is no assurance of an early spring this year – the “official” groundhog literally died before he could see his shadow. But Jamie seems optimistic. She is temporarily moving hanging baskets from their warm and sheltering greenhouses to colorful displays in the market area of the Perry Wellness Center campus.

“I know it is still cold, but I want to get the jump on the season and relocate our baskets to an area that will bring early customers to Happy Patch,” she explains. “We have some bright red geraniums available for our earliest customers.”

In the photo above, Jamie selects a cheery plant to share with market customers.

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