Valentine Prep 1On Valentine’s Day this past Monday, the spirit of fellowship was in the air at Perry Wellness Center. Staff and peers worked together to put the final touches on a special day of celebration. Several cleaned and decorated the cafeteria space, some grilled hamburgers for a Valentine’s luncheon, while others in the new classroom building set up a bright photo backdrop for Valentine photo groups and selfies.

Staff member Kelly Jansen explained, “We appreciate the excitement of using phone cameras to document life. We welcome peers’ use of these cameras and have worked to provide a suitable area for Valentine’s Day. All of our staff and peers are excited for the occasion.”

Valentine Prep 2
Kelly concluded, “Valentine’s Day is really a fun time. We talk about love before the day, and we want our peers and staff to appreciate the day and the fun environment at Perry Wellness Center.”

Pictured here, several peers and staff climb ladders, position balloons, and complete the bright photo center.

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