Colorful Tomato StakesAs we reported last week, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market is planning many changes for the Spring 2022 season. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry has been reviewing the success and challenges of the market and is midway through implementing changes. Foremost is the expansion of the Mobile Market concept.

“I want us to continue our offerings at Happy Patch,” Stuart says, “But we have found that our reach with the mobile market in other communities is being well received. I enjoy taking our merchandise to other locations and helping educate visitors about Perry Wellness Center.” Keep your eyes out for that expansion in terms of locations and frequency.

The market is also looking to changes some of its strategies with vegetables, including its most popular produce, tomatoes. Stuart points out that tomatoes are very labor intensive to plant, maintain, and harvest.

“We are using local growers more,” Stuart notes. “We have a mission to provide the best selection of vegetables and plants in Sumter County. It requires more labor to maintain our standards. I will spend money at other places that I have neglected during past market days.”

Before the change in marketing strategy, PWC was offered a top price for tomato stakes. The large assortment of stakes will be warehoused for now with the shift to using local providers even more.

In the photo above, dozens of tomato stakes await storage as market preparations continue.

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