Mobile Market PlanningIn several recent posts, Perry Wellness Center has shared its plans for expansions and improvements at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. They include a greater reliance on local farmers for fresh produce and increased market display space. The larger inventory was kick-started by Monday’s arrival of a truckload of 3500 green plants.

But the centerpiece of the market expansion is the Mobile Market. Begun a few years ago, the market on wheels has made its periodic appearance in surrounding counties. But PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry looks forward to more.

“I am happy with the growth of Happy Patch in the last few years, despite the coronavirus,” Stuart says. “Now we will broaden our produce and mission into other areas of Southwest Georgia through the mobile market. The idea of taking plants to other neighbors has been good for knowledge expansion [about the center and its mission].”

The 2022 mobile market visits will begin in one short month, on April 2, and the first stop will be the town square in downtown Buena Vista, Georgia. 

In the photo above, Stuart contemplates the future as he prepares to help unload a truckful of plants: “This is a great day of a new year. There are going to be good and productive changes.”

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