Dale Davis 2022Once again, retired local electrician Dale Davis is sharing his skills with Perry Wellness Center. As the new market area takes shape for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, Davis tackles the placement of new lighting and fans.

“I recall that I have done most, if not all, of the lighting and electrical work at the first Happy Patch Market, up the hill,” Davis says. “I am now placing lighting, plugs, and fans in the new location.”

Davis is a longtime supporter of Perry Wellness Center and looks forward to its latest expansion. “This space will soon be busy with new and repeat customers,” he notes. “They do a lot at Perry Wellness Center for good customer service.”

In the photo above, Dale Davis completes a complex fan assembly in the new market area. “I want no one around when I put fans together,” Davis says with a smile. “They might hear me cuss.” Our lips are sealed!

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