Crepe MyrtlesAs loads of new plants from nurseries in South Georgia arrive at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, each plant must be clearly identified, then grouped in a display area by category; e.g., “ornamental trees.” Luckily, Happy Patch also has its own plant identification specialist on staff.

Jamie Minich's primary task is to identify the exact type of plant customers hope to purchase (although she also does everything from scouting out new plant sources to watering and providing hands-on care to young plants).

“We are doing our best to make shopping at Happy Patch Market as easy as possible,” Jamie explains. “We are looking for another record year and want to encourage customers with the correct grouping and display.”

Staging the plant collections is helpful but not without its difficulties. Jamie continues, “It is a challenge to group all of the plants in one area since we have so many deliveries. But we are doing our best.”

In the photo above, Jamie Minich stands with a grouping of the most recent delivery of crepe myrtles to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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