Market StaffWe’ve told our readers about the changes in progress for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, but curious minds want to know: why did we change the location of the market store?

It’s all a matter of access and space. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry and project manager Jeff Williams have head their heads together for months, trying to determine the best traffic flow – both vehicle and foot traffic, along with the best use of space for shoppers.

Stuart explains, “Listening to some of our customers, we decided to enlarge our shopping space and increase our inventory. We needed more room.” The parking situation was also problematic, but now the southern parking lot entrance is also a shopping entrance. 
Ease of access to a larger market space should bring the smiles Happy Patch promises to the faces of its customers. Hanging baskets and potted plants will surround shoppers at the entrance to the new market.

“All is good,” Stuart concludes. “I look for increased market activity and appeal with our new parking area and inventory.”

In the photo above, staff members contemplate some of the improvements to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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