Vangie PerryAt this seasonal time of thanks, we want to give a particular shout-out to all our volunteers, who make it Thanksgiving all year for our peer members.

For example, every Tuesday local volunteer Vangie Perry teaches a Creative Peer class for us. She always has a unique personal or group project for our peers, who are showing themselves to be quite "crafty"!

In honor of Thanksgiving, Vangie helped class members create festive centerpieces that now adorn our holiday tables in the cafeteria. Starting with simple clay pots, the project included the inscription of an inspirational message on each pot, along with the planting of colorful miniature peppers.

In the photo, Vangie poses with group representatives from her class, along with the adorable centerpieces.

Thanks, Vangie, and all our volunteers for making this season one for which we can truly be grateful.

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