Church GeraniumsThe Perry Wellness family includes many faithful church-goers, as does Stuart Perry’s own family. When he resided in Marion County, the Buena Vista United Methodist Church was his home church, and it continues to hold a place in his heart.  Betsy Brady Pond is a current member of the church, as well as a customer of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. These two associations recently came together when Mrs. Pond asked PWC employee and fellow Marion County resident Mulkey McMichael for his assistance. To fulfill her volunteer commitment to place flowers in the church for an upcoming service, she asked Mulkey to select the best geraniums for her to place in the church.

This past Monday afternoon, Mulkey and other staff selected some bloom-filled plants to carry to Buena Vista. While the plants were being selected, Stuart approached the group and was informed of the purchase on behalf of Betsy and Jimmy Pond.

“I appreciate Betsy getting the plants from Perry Wellness Center,” Stuart said. “I would like to help load the plants.” After he completed the tasks, Stuart added, “Tell them thanks for getting the plants from us!”

In the photo above, Stuart Perry loads a red geranium for transport to his hometown.

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