Perry 63rd birthdayIn the midst of running a busy wellness and recovery center, Stuart Perry took time out last week to celebrate his 63rd birthday with peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center. Stuart – never at a loss for words – had something to say about his latest milestone. “We tell our peers and staff that it is great to celebrate another year of life,” Stuart said. “Although I have learned to county higher, I am thankful for each year of life. I have had many experiences in my life and want to live another day to enjoy what God gives me.”

In addition to enjoying our blessings, Stuart stressed the need to pay it forward. “We need to be thankful for each day and learn to do good things for others,” he explained.

Stuart’s workday birthday celebration included balloons, gifts, and a large cake. No birthday celebration is complete without a verse of “Happy Birthday,” which is sung to each celebrant at the center. Stuart’s voice boomed, as always, at the end of the verse, “And many more.” And that is our wish for you, Stuart: many, many more years of having a wonderful life and helping others achieve better lives for themselves.

In the photo above, Stuart Perry samples his birthday cake, surrounded by smiling family and friends. From left, they are: Amanda Perry Campbell, Stuart Perry, Tammy Lawhorne, Shelia Bodrey, and Arthur Patillo.

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