Not in KansasThe relocation of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to a more level entry has created a renewed appreciation of the spring market, in all its variety of plants and colors. It has been said of Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO, Stuart Perry, “If God created a plant, Stuart has bought it.” We can’t swear that this belief is not true.

Like a proud papa, Stuart has been inviting friends and customers to come and browse and walkways of the greenhouses and market – or at least drive slowly by and wave!

“As we always have said, ‘you will leave with a smile,” Stuart says. “Be sure to watch your step on the red brick walks. You will probably get the same feeling as Dorothy with her instructions to follow the yellow brick road.”

The photo above captures the Technicolor glow of the market that almost could be out of The Wizard of Oz. It’s definitely not Kansas!

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