Schley Mobile MarketThe forecast was for rain last Friday afternoon in Schley County. But after a light shower, the Happy Patch Mobile Market was ready for business in downtown Ellaville, Georgia. Set up on the grounds of the  GasNGo store, the Perry Wellness Center outreach enterprise featured three display trailers and a filled box truck. Plants for sale included geraniums, hydrangeas, gardenias, petunias, hibiscus, ferns, and a variety of green shrubs.

The afternoon visit expanded because of the Mobile Market’s last-minute participation in an annual Ellaville event. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “It was a great day for all of our vendors, both at GasNGo and our on-site market at Perry Wellness Center. I realized that Ellaville had their annual Springtime Festival, and I called late to buy us a space. They were cordial and allowed us to stay for two days. It was all good!”

With the repeat success of the Mobile Market at two locations so far this spring, Stuart is working to arrange visits to other Southwest Georgia towns. In addition to sales opportunities, the Mobile Market helps PWC fulfill part of its mission: educating the public about mental illness and substance abuse problems and treatment.

In the panoramic photo above, Shanesha Edge captures the Mobile Market set-up at the GasNGo in Ellaville, Georgia. 

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