Zen SculptureThe Mattie H. Marshall Cross Country Trail is important to Perry Wellness Center for two reasons. One, the community recreation site promotes wellness for all, offering both a quiet garden setting and an opportunity for vigorous workouts. Second, the locale features a sculptural centerpiece by PWC’s own artist, Jeff Williams.

The long-awaited wellness park was completed about four years ago, but we are taking a look back today to encourage others to visit the spot, on the grounds of Phoebe-Sumter Medical Center in Americus. The park includes a one-mile loop and a quarter-mile loops for walkers and joggers. The trails also include five exercise and stretching stations, as well as four benches for rest and relaxation. There are bathrooms and bleachers adjacent to a parking area as well.

Jeff’s large Zen garden sculpture towers over its surroundings. Jeff was assisted in its construction by his cousin, Barry Smith, who provided masonry work. Jeff describes the project: “The cement shaping wire and rebar are covered with hand-sculpted work that I changed with the evolution of the creation. I tried to involve the calmness of the park with smooth designs and organic brown colors.”

Sculpture SignOne interesting trivia note: the foundation of the towering sculpture extends four feet underground.

The park was a labor of love, with funds for the project provided by the Mattie H. Marshall Foundation, the Phoebe Sumter Foundation, and employees of Phoebe-Sumter Medical Center. The park and trail are open to the general public.

Jeff Williams offers, “We want to encourage more citizens to use this area for their wellness. The park is restful and visually calming. Come see and enjoy the complex.”

And we’d like to add, come see the stunning Zen sculpture Jeff created to capture both the power and peace of the park.

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