Cousins VisitWe’ve often compared Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to the old town square, where friends and neighbors meet to catch up with each other and share local news. At Happy Patch, acquaintances may run into each other during their market browsing. For other friends or family members, making a joint trip to the market is an opportunity for an enjoyable outing.

Take Nora Clark and Jeanette Williams, for example. We spoke to these cousins and close friends on a recent morning visit. Nora explained, “We enjoy being together and sharing life. We routinely visit Happy Patch to see others and shop the good prices for fresh vegetables. It is fun!” 

As changes in plants and produce occur daily, the duo likes to visit on a regular basis. They often have a soft drink and snack as they browse for new products at Happy Patch. It’s a great way to combine a daily constitutional, socializing, and bargain hunting in one activity.

Thanks for stopping by, Nora and Jeanette!

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