Giant TomatoAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, all plants get routine fertilization and watering. But some plants, without any seeming reason, are more vigorous than others and grow to larger sizes. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry has been struck by this fact with the growth of a particular cherry tomato plant on the grounds of the market.

“We try to water and move our plants on a routing schedule,” Stuart says. “With the heat this year, watering and fertilizer have been quite important.” 

He gestures to an oversized tomato plant. “That cherry tomato plant was placed in a perfect place to grow and yield a bumper crop of tomatoes. I will remember and put another tomato plant in that same area next year.”

In the meantime, the jumbo tomato plant continues to flourish and fill the space near an eave of the market, while we speculate on the role of placement and the right environment for healthy growth.

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