Bible ReadingDuring break times at Perry Wellness Center, it is interesting to see how various peers spend their time. We’ve shared with you many of their activities, from putting together jigsaw puzzles to playing cards to such artistic activities as drawing or weaving. Of course, many peers enjoy the time just to relax and chat with other peers.

Let us introduce you to Dorothy Stewart, who has been attending PWC for almost one year. She is a quiet and private person, but is happy to share her interest in reading the Bible. She explains, “I like to read, and my Holy Bible is best to remind me of God’s goodness to me and my friends. The Bible may be a small book, but it is great reading and gives promises for our lives. My Bible is marked with passages that are special to me. It is fun to re-read these pages and remember my thoughts on first reading.”

So, add personal morning devotions to the many ways in which peers explore, entertain, create, and learn outside of formal group activities. Thanks, Dorothy Stewart, for sharing with us.

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