Zach MartinWe’d like to introduce one of the newest employees at Perry Wellness Center to our readers. Zach Martin arrived at PWC with a degree in psychology, a family background in medicine and education, and a desire to better understand mental illness. After discussion with his father and a review of the employment website, Zach decided to apply for a job with our recovery center.

Zach enthuses, “My association with Perry Wellness Center is a perfect fit.” It certainly fits in with his professional goals. He is planning to obtain his masters degree in psychology and also wants to become a certified peer specialist (CPS).

Already, Zach is learning some important lessons.  One is that there is no substitute for one-on-one contact with peers. That association allows better sharing of such things as body language or manners.

“So much is gained with a personal interview,” Zach notes. “I speak to all peers each week to let them know I am interested in their lives and plans for the future.” On a practical note, the contact also helps him better compose notes of their current status and personal goals.

Zach also brings a personal perspective to health recovery. He explains, “I have had cystic fibrosis since I was three years old. I have to practice specific breathing therapy each day and must visit Emory University Hospital in Atlanta twice a year. When I was born, the life expectancy for someone with CF was 16 years. The latest stride in a new medicine, Trifaka, has helped me. I hope to have a long life of helping others. We are in this life together and must take time to help others.”

Certainly, that perspective can be an inspiration to any individual struggling with a physical or mental illness, and it clearly gives Zach a special empathy with those he serves at PWC. Welcome aboard, Zach!

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