Monica Bolden customer serviceBusinesses appreciate seeing repeat customers at their door. Reaching out to let a customer know they are appreciated is one extra step in customer service. Staff clerk Monica Bolden has learned this in her work at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, as has Perry Wellness Center staffer Mulkey McMichael.

John Dent, a Buena Vista resident, has been a faithful customer of Happy Patch, and often receives  his favorite order of tomatoes from Mulkey, a fellow Marion County resident. Mulkey explains, “John Dent knows my scheduled for trips to Americus for photo marketing. I usually travel on Mondays. John expects me to bring a bag of fresh tomatoes for his wife, Connie, her mother, Joyce Henson, and for himself to enjoy a tomato sandwich. He is now ordering bread slice tomatoes, and I have learned his preferred ripeness. That family threesome likes their tomatoes! I’ll bet John Dent has ordered and eaten over 50 pounds of tomatoes from Happy Patch.”

In the last order Mulkey brought to this family, clerk Monica Bolden (pictured above) enclosed a brief thank you note in appreciation of his support and his love of Happy Patch tomatoes.

Mulkey and Monica, now THAT’S customer service!

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