Fall ZinniasWe’re happy to report that record sales continue at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market into the fall season. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is well aware of one reason for this surge – the Mobile Market -- and its effects. On a positive note, the travelling market has increased visibility and sales. But it has also stretched staff resources, and that trend will continue with further market expansion.

Stuart explains, “We are discovering that our Mobile Market visits to neighboring communities have increased our market demands. I now must think of ways that we can cover all of the GasNGo markets in Southwest Georgia. We have been given permission to set up activity in the 15 GasNGo locations, and we must fulfill new demands on the Happy Patch.”

The growing pains are worth it to Stuart, who reminds himself that increased financial resources for the non-profit recovery center are not the only benefit of a thriving market. He notes, “With peer visitation in these Mobile Markets, people who visit our market enjoying meeting peers. They also learn that mentally ill people are safe and non-threatening. It is good to see the increased acceptance brought by our visitation. We will increase these visits during spring and fall.”

In the photo above, a colorful display of zinnias highlights one of the draws of the Mobile Market.

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