Perry Family Catches UpAs longtime readers know, there is a great degree of similarity between the Perry Wellness Center family and the extended family of PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. Both groups gather individuals with love and purpose to plan, celebrate, and provide mutual support. Earlier this week, two of the Perry family patriarchs, Stuart and Steve Perry, caught up on fall plans and activities, along with Amanda Perry Campbell.

At one point, conversation turned to the annual Big Pig Jig in nearby Vienna, Georgia. Steve Perry, a Perry Oil Company executive, is active in this event, and Stuart participates in their award-winning family barbeque team. The team took home awards last weekend in Whole Hog, Chicken, and Barbecue Sauce. Stuart reported that the team changed its name from Papa’s Cookers to “Fat Side Up” this year. 

“I am sure that the name change will only improve our talent,” a smiling Stuart offered.

The Perry guys also made plans for the annual Perry family Thanksgiving celebration over Thanksgiving. The large extended family will meet at a Tazewell family farm and enjoy a cooked hog, turkeys, and all the Thanksgiving trimmings.

Steve Perry explained, “This is really a fun family event: eating, games, wagon rides…”

Whether for community events or county holiday celebrations, it’s always more fun when family members share ideas and triumphs.

In the photo above, Stuart, Amanda, and Steve convene on the steps of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to share news and plan for the holidays.

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