Christmas trees 2022 1Now that the Thanksgiving holidays have passed, the Christmas season is in full swing at Perry Wellness Center. With the arrival of live Christmas trees at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, it’s official! PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry appreciates the sight and scent of real Christmas trees, and he placed an order once again with his northern broker. The Frazier firs have now arrived in all their glory.

Stuart offered an apology for the prices that are being charged this year, saying, “I am sorry that we have to charge what we do, but the economy and trucking had hit production and shipping cost of our beautiful Frazier firs. We can offer Christmas trees from 7 – 9 feet at prices from $80 to $125. I know this is not a common price for us, but we have to follow market demands.”

Christmas Trees 2022 2Because of the higher costs, the market is not offering Norfolk pine wreathes this year, but customers will not be disappointed with the trees. In addition to supporting the tradition of having living Christmas trees, Stuart is pleased that real Christmas trees offer less negative impact upon the environment and even some benefits. Growing trees increase oxygen in the environment, while cut trees are biodegradable and recyclable. For example, composted trees can be used for lumber and provide nutrients for other plants as mulch. New underwater habitats have even been created at the bottoms of ponds, lakes, and rivers, where they house thriving schools of fish and other marine creatures.

Stuart offered a final pitch to market customers: “We will include a Christmas tree stand with each tree purchase. I hope shoppers will come by and see our selection.” Our photos can give readers some idea of what our trees offer, but nothing beats an in-person sniff test. Just close your eyes, inhale, and enjoy the scent of Christmas!

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