Colorful Box GiftsAll clients of Perry Wellness Center have their special strengths or talents to offer others, and they learn other positive practices through group sessions and other experience at PWC. Rhonda Hurst, a longtime peer client at the center, is one example. She has leadership skills, and they have been put to use in appointing her the unofficial tour guide for the program. Another trait that Rhonda practices on campus and elsewhere is her giving spirit.

“I try to do for myself, but mostly for others,” Rhonda explains, then describes her latest gift project. “I have bought and colored four paper briefcases from Walmart. They are filled with all drawing and coloring needs for the completion of the pre-marked boxes.”

Rhonda enjoys the selection of bright colors to complete each design and is a stickler for details. She says, “I have to be sure the edge of the box is done. I do not like incomplete designs. I first fill in the spaces and then go out in the sunshine to be sure that they are straight and filled. Completing one suitcase can take one or two days, depending on the time I have.”

After completing each box, Rhonda fills them with a variety of colored pens, pencils, markers, and even coloring books. Then they are ready for presentation as gifts this Christmas season.

As Rhonda shows off a completed box, she notes, “I have done three more and plan to give these to friends during the holidays. They are fun to do and to give.”

Rhonda Hurst, congratulations on your lovely creations and your big heart!

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