December PansiesIt may be the Christmas season, but visitors will find more than evergreen trees at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. This week we spotted the bright colors of a grouping of pansy baskets at the west end of the market. Its cheery colors greet visitors and reminds us all that we are still technically in the season of fall.

“We know that the weather has been an issue, and some customers are unsure of what to buy,” says Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “With the colors in our pansy baskets, we feel reassured about their purchase and display, even with the cooler temperatures.”

But Stuart is thinking about more than market sales, adding, “I hope that the uncertain weather will not spoil the Christmas spirit of our customers, staff, or peers. On an overcast day, the colors of the pansies seem to assure all of us that the season will be okay.”

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